The European Beth Din provides the full range of Beth Din facilities, which include the following areas:

  • Supervision of Jewish Religious Divorce
  • Dispute Arbitration Mediation
  • Supervision of Adoptions & Conversions
  • Communal Dispute Resolution
  • Jewish Status Verification & Certification
  • Rabbinical Diplomas

A meeting with the Dayonim

The parties to any financial dispute are required to sign an Arbitration Agreement prior to a hearing taking place, where the effect of this is that the award given by the EBD has the full force of an Arbitration Award and may be enforced (with prior permission of the EBD) by the civil courts.

The EBD is particularly concerned to ensure that Conversions to Judaism, which by definition are personal, life-changing experiences, are carried out in a sensitive, caring, and strictly Orthodox manner. The candidate’s sincerity and motives are paramount, as is both their exposure and commitment to a life of full Jewish practice.


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